Take A Stand Against Clergy Abuse With A Compassionate Attorney

As members of our community, we expect the faculty of religious establishments to be upstanding role models. When these people take advantage of those expectations by sexually abusing people under their care, our community needs to hold them accountable.

Here at White Law PLLC, we strive to offer survivors in Michigan and beyond the justice they deserve. No one should have to suffer from sexual abuse, but no one should be able to get away with it either. You may be able to even pursue your case up to 15 years after the fact.

Let Our Experience Fight For You

We have been representing survivors for years. We know what it takes to get a settlement that you deserve for your suffering. We know that everyone has a unique story, which is why we want to get all of the details, then act as your voice. We have both male and female attorneys to best accommodate your needs in your case.

Abusers should not be able to feel like they are above the law. We know that the church has a reputation of hiding their abusers, but not for much longer. Now is the best time to pursue justice against your abuser. The church has been more open with the local law enforcement, even going as far as releasing a list of accused clergy members.

We Can Be Your Voice

Your pursuit of justice does not have to be painful. Our lawyers can help you make the process as painless as possible. Our office is in Okemos, but we serve clients across the state. Contact us by calling us at 517-316-1195 to set up your initial consultation. Do not wait another day to begin your recovery.