Can You Benefit From Pressing Charges Against Your Clergy Abuser?

Our attorneys at White Law PLLC sometimes hear the question: Is there a compensation program for clergy abuse survivors? Our clients ask this to help consider if they should press charges against their abuser.

Unfortunately, there is not a compensation program for survivors of clergy abuse, but that does not mean there are not benefits to pursuing justice anyway.

What You Can Get From Your Case

There are two main benefits to pressing charges against a member of the church who abused you: bringing a criminal to justice and getting the closure that you need. There is no better time than now to press charges for your abuse. Both the media and the courts have been taking larger steps to holding criminals accountable.

In addition to putting someone who hurt you or a loved one behind bars, it also brings closure to yourself and sends a message to others. Knowing that the person(s) who hurt you is now paying for their crimes can help you find the closure you may be looking for.

Your case will also send a message to victims and abusers alike. You can show others like yourself that they too can find justice. At the same time, you show criminals that their time is up, while also discouraging others from taking the same path.

Let Us Help You Find Your Recovery

If you or a loved one has suffered at the hands of a member of the clergy, our lawyers know how to represent your needs while also keeping the experience as painless as possible. Even if you survived an attack in the past, you may be able to press charges for a crime from 15 years ago. Contact our office in Okemos by calling 517-316-1195. We serve clients across Michigan, so call today and begin your recovery.