Using A Clergy Abuse Task Force To Seek Justice

Sexual abuse is something that should never happen to someone, and the consequences of it can last a life time. It can be especially devastating when someone you trust is the one who committed the abuse, like a member of the clergy. When an abuser is part of a protected community like a church, it can feel like you will not be able to hold them accountable.

Clergy members committing sexual abuse has been in the media spotlight lately, and as a result, many states are developing clergy abuse task forces, including our state of Michigan. We at White Law PLLC know how serious it can be to be a survivor of this kind of abuse, and we can help.

What A Task Force Does

The process that the task force takes focuses on success and bringing peace to victims of abuse. The task force encourages maximum participation from anyone involved to gather as much evidence in their case as possible. They have also developed discipline-specific recommendations to the community and justice systems, which keeps task forces deeply involved with the community.

Let Us Help Hold Your Abuser Accountable

Having a task force dedicated to bringing justice to abusive clergy members is an excellent tool that can help you. Another essential aid is having an experienced attorney at your side during your case. Our lawyers know how to act as the voice of a survivor and want to make these cases as painless as possible for our clients.

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