We Fight To Not Let Anyone Cover Up Sexual Assault

No one is above the law. These are words that we at White Law PLLC live by. The church has a reputation of hiding or covering up sexual assaults that their members commit. Their time is up with this terrible behavior, as more and more states have been launching their own investigations into these kinds of actions.

We are proud to say that our state of Michigan is one of the states that is leading the offense against those who try to hide the abusive actions of others.

We Know How To Bring The Truth To Light

Last year, Michigan successful seized records from each Catholic diocese because of their investigations into sexual abuse claims against members of the church. These kinds of actions are the fruits of hard working lawyers who have what it takes to take on religious institutions.

It does not matter who they are or what their job is, if someone sexually assaulted you, they need to receive the punishment they deserve. There is no better time to begin seeking the justice you deserve for the tragedy you have survived.

Do Not Let Anyone Intimidate You

We know how hard pressing charges against the church can seem, but you are not alone in this. Our attorneys know how to handle your unique experience in a delicate manner, to make the whole experience as painless as possible.

We serve all of Michigan from our Okemos office, so we are never out of reach. Contact us at 517-316-1195 to set up your initial consultation today.