Fight Back After Youth Ministry And Leaders Harmed You

We expect community leaders to be role models for our youth by showing them the differences between right and wrong, and how they should treat others. When you become a member of a youth program, you expect to be in a safe environment. Sadly, even here in Michigan, youth leaders can fail our expectations and harm our children.

If this has happened to you or a loved one, even in the past, our attorneys at White Law PLLC know how to help you get the justice you deserve. It is important to know that it may not be too late to press charges for the sexual abuse you survived.

Let The Legal System Work To Your Advantage

In the summer of 2018, Michigan courts expanded the time you have to press charges for sexual assault. The new statute of limitations says that you now have 15 years for criminal cases and ten years for civil cases to press charges.

We understand how painful it can be to bring up the past, but we can help you get critical closure to what you have survived. We want to keep things as painless as possible for you while we fight to hold your abuser accountable.

Begin Seeking Justice Today

If a community leader or anyone else has failed you or a loved one, let our lawyers help you make your abuser face the consequences of their actions. Contact us by calling 517-316-1195. We serve all of Michigan from our Okemos office, so do not wait another day to call us.